Facial Appearances

Before and After the 3-day, 4-hour

Ketamine Infusion Treatment


April 10, 2009








A 22-year-old female developed RSD / CRPS following a facture to the right foot in 2002. The disease spread to involve the left lower extremity and right upper extremity. In November 2005 the patient underwent a partial remission following the 5-day ketamine coma procedure in Germany.


The patient continued to improve in pain and function to the point she was able walk during the summer of 2008. In November 2008 the patient suffered an acute exacerbation of symptoms.


Following the 3-day, 4-hour ketamine infusion, the patient demonstrated improvement in function and pain in the right foot and the right upper extremity. (Pain thresholds below).   


During the infusions, nausea was treated with Zolfran and excessive salivation with Robinol.  

The patient’s clinical outcome and treatment plan was document in a video recording. The patient was provided a copy of the pre-treatment and post-treatment videos.













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