Facial Appearances

Before and After the 3-day, 4-hour

Ketamine Infusion Treatment


March 27, 2009








This 39-year-old white male developed RSD / CRPS in the left lower extremity following a fracture in 2005. Currently, there is spreading pain to the right lower extremity.


Following the 3-day, 4-hour ketamine infusions there was improvement in pain thresholds (below) associated with improved ability to walk, improved sleep and decrease depression.

The vital signs were stable throughout the 3-day infusion. There was occasional slight nausea during the infusion.

The patient’s clinical outcome and treatment plan was document in a video recording. The patient was provided a copy of the pre-treatment and post-treatment videos.


First 3-day, 4-hour Ketamine Infusion

March 27, 2009







Second 3-day, 4-hour Ketamine Infusion

June 5, 2009




Third 3-day, 4-hour Ketamine Infusion

March 19, 2010


Fourth Infusion - 4 Day

February 7, 2011


The patient tolerated up to 200 mg per hour of ketamine, limited slightly by respiratory depression.  Post-infusion, the patient had a single episode of dysphoria after infusion #3 which was prevented for treatment #4 by pretreatment with 2 mg Versed at the end of the 4-hour infusion.  The patient had significant improvement in pain thresholds and range of movement in all extremeties. 


Fifth Infusion - 4 Day

November 21, 2011



The patient tolerated up to 200mg an hour of ketamine with stable vital signs and no nausea or vomiting, limited by possibility of respiratory depression.

The patient experienced an overall improvement in pain thresholds.



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