Facial Appearances

Before and After the 3-day, 4-hour

Ketamine Infusion Treatment


March 27, 2009








Approximately 18 years ago this 48-year-old patient injured his right should which was followed by a cervical laminectomy. The pain spread to his right face and lower extremities.


Following the 3-day ketamine infusion the patient demonstrated improved function in the upper and lower extremities associated with decrease depression and improved pain thresholds. (Below) 

Although the patient is a chronic smoker, his ventilation and blood pressure improved with the escalating doses of ketamine.


The patient’s clinical outcome and treatment plan was document in a video recording. The patient was provided a copy of the pre-treatment and post-treatment videos.


First 3-day, 4-hour Ketamine Infusion

March 27, 2009





Second 3-day, 4-hour Ketamine Infusion

May 22, 2009






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