Before and After the 3-day, 4-hour Ketamine  Infusion

March 6, 2009





Patient's chronic pain began in the coccyx region in June 2004.  In October 2005, she underwent a nerve deafferentation in the sacral region using radiofrequency techniques.  Following this procedure it seems that she had spreading symptoms first to her lower extremities and then to her upper extremities.  In July 2008, she was evaluated by Dr. Wadley who felt the patient has developed a generalized state of RSD. The patient does not have a history of pain in the face.  

Recently ( March 3, 2009), patient returned for her second 3-day / 4-hour ketamine after her first one 6 months ago. Following the first ketamine infusions patient enjoyed 6 months of improved exercise tolerance in lower extremities. But here her pain had been increasing in recent weeks.

The patients pain thresholds and function were relatively good prior to the second ketamine infusion. Therefore, the patient's outcome on the most objective basis in the future will depend on her self-assessment of improvement in exercise tolerance during heat pool exercises.